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When browsing through the profiles of friends male and female, you must have seen lots of photos with effects, sparkle, decorative graphics, etc., and all of these in motion.

These effects are not in the least difficult to get hold of, especially when you have such an easy-to-use editor as Blingee.

Without having to have an account, Blingee lets you apply every sort of effect or accessory to your photos. That said, if you do register with a free account, you can have access to your creations at any time and can comment on and evaluate other people's creations.

There are dozens of effects to choose from: sparkle, crowns, glitter, bows, necklaces, adornments, frames, accessories, animated characters, reflections, make-up, etc. With all of these you can personalize the size and position.

As you can see, Blingee is becoming a good choice to give your photos the glam touch they need.